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Because of its complexity, there is a huge amount of information to process in original sin, and Enhanced Edition does a great job of displaying on a television screen in a way that is easily read from the couch and mapping gamepad controls accordingly. Independently manage inventory of all the members of my party is always pretty fiddly and cumbersome, but thanks to a clever use of radians selection and mapping the smart button, it is not too much a problem. Triangle or Y always gives detailed information on what you watch and square or B still provides a list of actions you can take on all that you are targeting. This consistency has kept all options and information available easily and intuitively, so I can make informed decisions role.

Visually, the Godhead is not the flashiest dancer at the ball, but look Enhanced Edition online with the PC version at ultra settings, plus some reworked special effects. His humble, Euro-Fantasy aesthetic used conscientiously, creating the right atmosphere for traps and mechanics D & D-esque. And if it works at only 30 frames per second on both consoles, performance reliable stable even during screen co-op split.

In terms of new content, the biggest addition is the full sound of almost all the NPC, which adds a layer of immersion in a world that was already very well done. New areas and skills have been added too, and then they are appreciated, Divinity is already so large and comprehensive of these feel more like cherries on top as opposed to a new scoop. For example, the addition of two arms as a fighting style helps make weapons out more viable labor, but it is not exactly a reason to play again if you have already poured 100 hours in the original.

What could convince the veterans to play again, however, is the inclusion of local split-screen play, which makes it unique co-op potential of original sin easier to discover that the online mode. Splitting your party separately to explore and settle contentious choice quests with a virtual game of rock, paper, scissors adds a wonderful slice of real pen and paper roleplaying experience to that already feels like the genuine article. All these features, including support of the controller and shared screen co-op, is available on the free update for the PC version.

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