Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD – PC Version Complete

A few years back, Activision denied Tony Hawk’s pitch to re-release the first four Pro Skater games in an HD package. “They knew better than I did that they didn’t have time to develop it in short of a year, that it wasn’t the right time,” Hawk told IGN. Holding off worked out for the better, he explained. It opened up new opportunities. “Now we can do it as digital content and make it that much less expensive,” he said. “We’re releasing this game for $15, which is totally unheard of for a big franchise game.”

More importantly, he sees Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD as more than a sloppy cash-in on nostalgia. “The dream for me is to release this as the base line for other best-of levels,” said Hawk, “but mostly so we can set a foundation and release new stuff.”

Hawk knows all to well that “the skate genre is almost nonexistent” these days. What better time to bring it back, and in what better form than the one that started it all?

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